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Born and raised in the West Midlands, UK, Richard Blunt always aspired to be creative.

Following in his family’s footsteps, art was always an all-encompassing force in the teenager’s life. Hoping to turn this passion to vocation, Richard mistakenly took the advice of his career’s advisor whose promise that ‘you’ll never make any money as an artist’ simply delayed the inevitable.

Dejected but determined to pursue his creative talent, he enrolled at Worcester College of Art, studying three-dimensional design. However, this direction didn’t seem to click and grappling with a sense of aimlessness and confusion, Richard went on the hunt for other creative outlets and was distracted by the world of music, bands and the surrounding party scene. Without any clear direction in life, Richard soon found himself jumping from sofa to sofa and rapidly losing his way in life.

However, somewhere in his lowest moments, a flicker of determination ignited within him. Richard refused to let go of his dream, he started to confront his demons and slowly began to rebuild his life.

Richard’s initial venture was within the world of music where he embarked on a decade of artistic pursuit that saw him play in several bands and culminated in a move to Cardiff in South Wales to complete a degree in Popular Music. A city he still lives and works in today.

Ironically, while studying music, Richard was again inspired to pick up his paintbrush and delve back into his long-lost passion. Instantly flooded with inspiration and a renewed sense of direction, he channelled his experiences into his art, creating pieces that reflected his own outlook on life. With each stroke, he found a renewed sense of purpose and an unwavering drive to succeed.



Richard’s figurative art frequently delves into themes of love, personal achievement, and aspiration and the characters depicted in Richard’s paintings frequently embark on a journey. Richard takes pleasure in creating a narrative and while themes of travel, love, and material prosperity are present, Richard particularly enjoys portraying confidence, self-reliance, and achievement through his subject’s body language. 

Believing in the power of shaping one’s destiny, Richard draws inspiration from his own outlook in life; you get what you give. Motivated to channel positivity through his work, Richard looks at many of his pieces of manifestations or vision boards where he endeavours for his artworks to motivate and reaffirm the aspirations of not only himself but also for those who acquire them.


With a disciplined approach to composition, Richard skilfully balances out his compositions so that they are emotive and full of atmosphere.

Inspired by neoclassical and renaissance artists, Richard is fascinated by the portrayal and depiction of light. Employing classical methods like chiaroscuro, which involves stark contrasts between light and darkness to convey depth, Richard skilfully uses this technique to infuse his paintings with emotion and ambiance.

Richard's work can be found in galleries worldwide. If you would like to purchase original works or limited edition prints by the artist or discuss a private commission, then please either contact us here using the contact form below or kindly email to help us find your nearest gallery.


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